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File This Under: No Country For Old Men

A friend said Frida Kahlo was ugly and it made me angry. Why did I feel compelled to defend a dead woman's honor?
Saw The Separation yesterday. It's about family dynamics in Iran. Poor Iran, so modern yet so effed-up. A poor woman takes a job taking care of an old man with dementia. He soils himself and the woman has to call a religious clergy for permission to remove his clothes and bathe him. While she's cleaning his house, he wanders outside and gets in traffic. She runs in to the street to save him and gets hit by a car herself. She's pregnant and that night she starts having pain. The next day she goes to work but is having alot of pain. So she ties the old man to the bed and goes to the doctor. The old man's son comes home and finds his dad tied to the bed. He angrily fires the woman when she comes back from the doctor. She tries to explain herself but the guy gives her a little shove out of the apartment and locks the door in her face. Later that evening the woman loses her baby and claims that the shove from the man is what caused the miscarriage. Her and her husband are poor and demand blood money from the man. If he doesn't pay it he could go to jail on a murder charge. The man agrees reluctantly to pay but before he hands the husband the check he asks the woman to swear that she is sure that he caused her miscarriage. The woman is very religious and can't lie before God. The husband becomes enraged because his creditors are in his living room waiting to get paid. It's a difficult scene to watch.
The movie was well acted by actors I've never seen before. Even the old man who never spoke was good. I wondered if he actually had dementia, that's how good he was.

Scary Dream

Last night I dreamed that I had to accompany two little girls to the hospital. One girl was having some diagnostic tests and the other girl was with her as a friend for emotional support. The mother of the sick girl went with her daughter into the imaging room. Me and the other girl waited in the waiting room. The girl held up her water bottle and said she needed to fill it. I said ok and she went looking for a faucet. After a few minutes she didn't return and I called the police. Suddenly the hospital was swarming with police. I walked with them down many halls looking for the girl. At one point a door opened and a bunch of kids came out. They were in some sort of a class. I vainly searched their faces but didn't see the missing girl. I knew a kidnapper had grabbed her. When I woke up I felt awful. The dream offered no correction. I let a kid out of my sight and she got snatched.

If It Ain't Broke...

Our state retirement system is working well, thank you. Our money is conservatively invested by fellow state employees. They don't get bonuses to put our funds in risky stocks. Our governor is acting like this is a bad thing. Please don't change our retirement system, Scott Walker.


A birther group in Georgia is trying to get Pres. Obama to appear in court. They're trying to get his name struck from the Georgia ballot in the next presidential election.
I miss Atlanta. Atlanta isn't part of Georgia, is it?


Received a notice in email that my LJ will be purged because of lack of use. So I'm going to post for a few days.
We served pancakes at work yesterday. Ooh la la, pancakes!

It's Getting Bad In mexico

A mexican dude at work told me he doesn't travel over the border anymore. Downtown Reynosa (on the texas border) is boarded up. The business community has fled. One guy had a jewelry shop. A young man walks in and points at the merchandise "I'll take that Rolex watch, and that gold chain, and those two diamond rings". The merchant reaches for his calculator and the man says "Oh no, I'm not paying for any of this. You're going to give it to me. You're also going to pay me 4,000$ a month protection money. If you don't pay me, I'll kill you. And I know where you live, I'll kill your family too." That evening the merchant closed his shop, bagged all the jewelry and cash. He went home and told his wife to get the kids in the car. They drove to the United States leaving everything they owned, house, furniture, business behind.
This is the mexican mafia. The problem is the young ones killed off all the old bosses who knew something. Idiot thugs.

IUD's Are A Foreign Object

Heard a sad conversation on the bus. Two women were sitting in front of me, one young with a baby and one older.
The young mom described how she went to the doctor to get an iud implanted. It hurt and she told the doc. He said not to worry, it would feel better soon. She went home and the pain got worse. By 2a.m. she was bleeding. She went to emergency and an x-ray showed the iud was poking her intestines. She needs surgery to have it removed. But there is no one to watch her baby while she's in the hospital and during recovery. Her son only breast-feeds, he refuses a bottle and if he wants to eat while she's in surgery, he'll just cry.
The older woman asked why can't the father watch their baby. The mom said he's been in jail all week. She said "He got drunk and decided to beat the shit out of me, so he's gone." She waved him away with her hand. The older woman said "Good. Don't take him back." The mom swore that she didn't want him in her life anymore.
I bet she takes him back. Those louts are really talented at making their victims feel sorry for them and even cause the woman to think his violence is her fault.
Lawyers are becoming more reluctant to bring malpractice suits but it seems she deserves some compensation for her pain. She had to go to the hospital after bus hours so she either called a cab or an ambulance. Both are expensive if you're broke.

Diet Day 10

1 cup noodles w. veggies and parm
3 oz. nuts
2 cups kombucha

Butternut squash w. butter

Green salad, tomato, feta, Wishbone dressing
3 butter crackers

I'm not going to continue this food diary. It's boring and it's not doing what I thought it would do which is help me lose weight.

Diet Day 9

1 cup noodles w. veggies and parm
3 oz. nuts
2 cups hybiscus punch
2 cups kombucha

2 cups butternut squash w. butter

green salad w. tomato, feta, italian dressing
1 ginger chew, 3 chocolate mints
5 butter crackers
2 oz. cheddar cheese
2 cups kombucha

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